Architectural Features

Mississauga Chinese Centre

Mississauga Chinese Centre is one of the North America’s most remarkable tourist and architectural destinations. The centre provides a unique glimpse into the fascinating architectural history and traditions of ancient China. The replicas of the Nine Dragon Wall, Soo Chow Garden pavilion, stone scuptures and fortress at the Great Wall attracts local and international visitors daily. Some attractions on the premise are the only one outside of Asia.

Located in the heat of City of Mississauga, the Centre has a building area of over 100,000 Sq., situated on a site of ten acres. A large variety of retails stores including restaurants, arts and crafts centers, herbs and ginseng shop, supermarket, amongst many more new and exciting shops are located at the Centre. Mississauga Chinese Centre is the best place to go shop and discover the rich Chinese heritage.

Main Entrance Gateway

The main Entrance Gateway measures 43 feet tall and was built with 17,000 Cubic Meters of timber. Throughout the construction of the gate, a single nail was never used. The use of only wooden studs demonstrates the extremely sophisticated building.

Soo Chow Garden

The pavilion is the gift from Jiangsu Provincial Government and is called the “Pavilion of Friendship.
The Fortress at the Great Wall is modelled after one of the major gateways and citadels in the Great Wall of China. The feature stands 60 feet tall and is located on the eastern side of the center.

The Covered Walkway was inspired by Beijing’s Tee Wo Garden and measures approximately 1,400 feet in length. A stele is usually built on the major road of the city to glorify the emperor. A pair of Stele is located at the southern roadway of the Centre.

Dragon Wall

In ancient Chinese forts, the Conner Tower provided the highest watching platform for the protection of its cities. Replica Conner Towers are found thought the property.

Mississauga Chinese Centre has many different kinds of classical oriental stone statues throughout the property with fine and unique designs.

A Dragon Wall is used by the Monarchy’s Family as a barrier in their gardens. Only the Emperor may have nine dragons on their garden wall. The Nine Dragon Wall at Mississauga Chinese Centre is the only one located outside of Asia.

Chinese Traditional Cultural

Mississauga Chinese Centre often holds various cultural performances and art exhibitions, as well as cultural programs such as scenery film introductions from various places. Every year during the Lunar New Year, there are lion dancing, the God of Wealth delivering lychee, singing and dancing performances, etc.; the Mid-Autumn Festival also hosts a gorgeous fireworks display. Every festival, the shopping mall will make different arrangements to increase the festive atmosphere, so that tourists, customers and people from all walks of life can increase their understanding of Chinese culture and enjoy a joyful shopping atmosphere. Both Chinese and foreign customers and tourists come here every day, and the business of each store is booming!

All in all, Mississauga Chinese Centre is not just a shopping mall, it combines shopping, dining, tourism, and cultural activities to become the most distinctive shopping mall in Metropolitan City and Mississauga. As a shrewd investor, Mississauga Chinese Centre will definitely become your first choice for investment and operation.